RIER presents its new “Forever Pieces”

More than ever, the Rier 2021 collection is an ode to the hypothetical perfection of heritage pieces from the essentialist wardrobes of the Italian Alpine region of South Tyrol.

The 2021 collection goes one step further in solidifying the brand’s vocabulary, upholding Rier’s signature refinement paired knowingly with inherent practicality: Rier balances the love for outdoor activities, nature, crafts, and healthy lifestyle with refinement, sophistication and humble luxury, to soften the demanding, fast paced reality of city life.
With wool classics, the brand re-edits its Austrian manufactured icons: the Loden coat (with and without a hood) available in 10 colours, and the felted Walker coat, jacket and vest. These items can be paired with a double-pocket weekend shirt, introduced as a new permanent component of the Rierwardrobe: the shirt, both long and short sleeved, is crafted in France with Italian luxury popeline and micro jacquards. It is available in made to measure by appointment.

The silhouette is sleek and relaxed, with Austrian tailored trousers short and long, made of the most prestigious materials: Super Kid Mohair, 130s Italian wools, fine pinstripes and a light cotton brushed velvet corduroy from Visconti di Modrone
Founded in Paris by Andreas Steiner, Rier was launched in 2018 to reinvent the staple Dolomite time-proof garments that cradled his childhood. Based in Paris, the brand heralds Steiner’s strong heritage.

After leaving his Italian mountain village aged 19, Steiner studied in Milan and London, to then work for Prada, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton. Since launching Rier, Steiner has developed 4 collections and strives to perfect flawlessly decontextualised heritage luxury garments.
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